The ball. The triple threat!

If you read my “Philosophy of Play” on my website you will see that I think a toy should have at least one of the “benefits of play” that I list as important in a toy. The benefits I like to see in a toy are, a physical benefit, a social benefit, or an emotional benefit. I wondered there a toy that has all three benefits? Well, actually I think there is! It’s the good ol’, traditional play ball! Obviously there is a physical benefit to throwing, catching and running after a ball…not to mention the physical co-ordination it develops. Socially the ball can bring together a family after Thanksgiving dinner, it can help kids make friends …or meet the next door neighbor when you need to fetch your ball out of his backyard! But how can you express yourself emotionally with a ball? Ever been hit by a dodge ball? How about when you throw a ball to a toddler? The emotions can range from competitive, to cruel, to loving and gentle. A ball might not be the favorite toy under the Christmas tree at 8:00am Christmas morning, but I bet it’s the toy everyone is enjoying most by late afternoon! Check out this giant Nobby Ball in my store!

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