Hello!  My name is Anna. I started my toy business in 1989.  I had just graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Advertising and a tiny baby, and I was not willing to commit to the hours required to work in that field.  I wanted to be a full time Mommy instead.  So I invested $200.00 in used, educational toys at some garage sales.  I put these toys in the trunk of my car and drove to some daycare centers and knocked on the director’s door.  “I have some kids’ toys in the trunk of my car for sale!”

I eventually moved to a Ford pick-up truck.  Then a UPS-sized step van.  Then 2 step vans.  These vans traveled regularly to over 200 child care centers delivering washable paints, construction paper, and used toys.

Eventually I decided to discontinue the delivery service of the Toy Depot and I moved my focus to the internet.  Now I work to provide new and used toys to the areas of play therapy, sand tray therapy, autism, speech and hearing, early childhood intervention, and other areas of play that embrace the notion that child’s play is vital to healthy human development.   Check out my website www.annastoydepot.com


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