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Early Childhood Intervention and Special Needs Toys

Early childhood intervention (ECI) is essential in maximizing the
progress of children born with special challenges. Toys can be
useful tools in strengthening hand motor skills, and developing
speech and hearing. Since the technology of electronic toys has become so advanced and inexpensive, it seems that it is almost impossible to
find the good “old fashioned” toys that require greater use of the hands, body and voice. Anna’s Toy Depot online catalog offers many of the traditional toys that help to strengthen the hands and build coordination. Some of the toys offered encourage  children to use
their mouths and voices. Light up toys and vibrating toys are also a favorite when searching for toys for autism or to use as diagnostic tools.
I exhibit annually at the Texas Autism conference and the Texas Speech and Hearing Association (TSHA)conference, and I have been a vendor at the Texas Occupational Therapy conference and the Learning Disabilities Association of Texas (LDAT).


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